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¡¡ Products -- Metallurgical Microscope --XJL-20DIC




Wide field WF10X(¦µ22mm)


Infinity plan achromatic objectives with long working distance(no cover glass)

LMPlan5X/0.12DIC Work distance£º18.2 mm

LMPlan10X/0.25DIC Work distance£º20.2 mm

LMPlan20X/0.35DIC Work distance£º6.0 mm

PL L40X/0.60  Work distance£º3.98 mm

DIC push-pull group

 Suitable for LMPlan5X¡¢10X¡¢20X DIC objective

Eyepiece tube

Inclination 45¡ãand Interpupillary distance:53~75mm

Focus system

Coaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing:2.0¦Ìm.


Quintuple(backward ball bearing inner locating)


Mechanical stage size£º242mmX200mm£¬moving range: 30mmX30mm.

Rotundity and rotatable stage size£º§¶130mm minimal clear aperture is less then §¶20mm

Illumination system

12V50W halogen lamp£¬brightness adjustable

Integrated field diaphragm ,aperture diaphragm and system polarizer

Equipped with frosted glass and yellow ,green and blue filters

  The specifications are subject to change.

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