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¡¡ Products -- Metallurgical Microscope --ICM-100DIC


Technical specifications (standard)


10X wide field plan eyepiece and field of view number is ¦µ18mm, the eyepiece interface is §¶23.5mm

Infinity plan achromatic objectives

£¨Equipped bright field objective£©

PL L5X/0.12 working distance£º26.1 mm

PL L10X/0.25 working distance£º5.0 mm

PL L20X/0.40 working distance£º8.80 mm

PL L50X/0.70 working distance£º3.68 mm

Eyepiece tube

Trinocular inclined 30?, can be shot in 100% light flux.

Focusing system

Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable device, minimum division of fine focusing: 1.0¦Ìm.


Quintuple (Backward ball bearing inner locating)


Mechanical stage£¬overall size£º185mmX140mm£¬moving range: 35mmX30mm

Illumination system


12V50W halogen and brightness enable control.

Integrated field diaphragm , aperture diaphragm and puller type polarizer.
£¨Equipped with frosted glass and yellow ,green and blue filters£©

DIC group

10X/20X DIC group

  The specifications are subject to change.

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